In Between The Cure And The Disease CD​/​LP

by Cigarette Crossfire

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Recorded at Teespot / Hämeenlinna & Treenis / Tampere in five days, early fall 2011 by Antti Luukkainen. Produced by Antti Luukkainen, Petteri Laakso & Cigarette Crossfire. Mixed by Antti Luukkainen at Teespot. Mastered at Virtalähde Mastering by Jaakko Viitalähde. All songs by Cigarette Crossfire © 2011, except Misled By Consequences originally written by Petteri Laakso and composed by Cigarette Crossfire. All Lyrics by Jere Lehmus.

Cover art by Ville Anger

12" & CD courtesy of Combat Rock Industry


released November 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Cigarette Crossfire Finland

2010 Birth & 2 x 7"
2011 Euro tour & full length LP/CD
2012 Euro tour, US tour & a 7"
2013 New Singer, UK Tour
2014 New full length
2015 Euro Tour & new music

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Track Name: Patriot = Idiot
some say our anxiety is factitious
but how can i keep on smiling under this absurdity
low iq'd bigotry is taking over
and i'm choking on this atmosphere of hate

so, you got your hatred, i know i got mine
just don't understand how can someone be so blind
i got no tolerance for your intolerance
your little mind has become a seedbed for fascism

it's time to cut the bullshit
spit on the flag of white & blue
i will defy everyone of you
with your two-faced sick agendas
you represent everything i hate
i will defy everyone of you

you're a dark room web warrior
a violent bonehead on the street
suit-wearing elitist nazi
you're all the same to me
queer-fearing smalltown patriot
loathing all that is unknown
still you keep on telling that
you're not a racist
Track Name: Patriarchates
holy front of closeminded fools
preaching about the ultimate truth
it's in the book but you need to take a closer look
war, poverty, torture and tears
for the past 2000 years
is not enough for you
it's not enough for

you - you don't believe but you know
what your god wants from this
world - it's to maintain
patriarchates on control
Track Name: Void
too bored, too tired to translate disgust into words
we're lied to, we're slayed, we're nothing yet way too comfortable
we gather around the tables and keep whining through all the coffee breaks
in our minds we lynch our bosses but we're far too used to authorities

frustration medicated by empty slogans and mediocre excuses
to pull the spines off our backs
so we sit tired and wait for someone else to throw the first stone
we live in a vampire state learning to give up

feel the anger, feel the void, feel the lack of your ambition
buy the cheapest, drink on weekends, hate yourself
nothing is priceless...
Track Name: Form Before Function
you need to shrink emotions
to build yourself in shape
of a blank and cold machine
form before function
you need to look alive
if you want to survive
although you find yourself from the bottom
of the well and there's no one to pull you up
competition has begun
it's a struggle trying to fit in
this society that's built to put you down
from the womb to the grave

the seeds of poverty are planted far too deep
no mercy shown for the silenced and the weak
the empty promises are getting harder to keep
no mercy shown, no mercy shown

i know it's gonna be real hard
to try to survive in between the cure and the disease
Track Name: Heal To Be Broken
poor little children mistaken for vases
live in plastic bubbles avoiding edges
growing up not knowing what happens when stone hits the glass
our old swings abandoned and left to rust

how can we fail and achieve something
when learning from mistakes means nothing?
life's horrors can't bring us down
we need to find our own paths
we heal to be broken again

we're taught to follow the dreams meant for the others
we've lost ourselves and live out of focus
fear is our fuel it keeps us denying
there is no immunity...
Track Name: Blind Majority
do you really think for yourself?
can you say you form your own thoughts?
under the influence of the press
you're out of touch
shocked of the injustice
but your actions speak louder than your words
but new tabloids will come
and all the problems are being washed under the sink

you never gave a second thought
blindly you followed and gave up
you never questioned anything
but that's the lie you wanna live

do you really think for yourself?
can you say you form your own thoughts?
under the influence of the peers
you're out of touch
you talk about justice and equality
but still the ones fighting for the cause
are seen as criminals
Track Name: Words
words seem to be these hollow and useless things
and they keep on rattling around in this place

compassion lost on your way to financial success
you will have your suit and tie and ideals they sell

keep holding on to your own fall
one day your creditcards can't save you
empty handshakes and greedy smiles
already dead but still walking

from now on you'll be gone, eaten by machine
your life is bought away from you by your own money
Track Name: Shadows Fall
with deep scars and darkened shadows from our past
we're left to wander destinationless

until we move on
the waters won't be calmed
bury the past
and the shadows fall
Track Name: A Choice
just like an oily dove trying to spread its wings
we're sinking in our own misery
don't tell me it's ok to give up
no matter how hard they try to fuck you up

i'm gonna raise my voice
i know i have a choice
i try to compensate times when i never stood up

what i regret the most are all those wasted days
when i really should've tried to make a change
from now on i refuse to close my eyes
and try to fight back those i despise
Track Name: Misled By Consequences
show me the truth that i can see
i need a mouth that speaks for me
no doubts for a story to be told
no ears to hear the truth unfold
behind the smiles and fake bright eyes
you said the words that covered the lies
i spent my days pretending i'm alive

i'm heading for nothing
misled by consequences
discraced with no compassion

i see that i feel
i feel that i know
i know the end is near
it's the end of story