s​/​t 7"

by Cigarette Crossfire

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Recorded during one weekend in October 2010 @ Rues Dahl by Bian Gasdeka Namestos.
First pressing 500 pcs.


released October 23, 2010

Cover art by Maarten De With. mdwhite.blogspot.com



all rights reserved


Cigarette Crossfire Finland

2010 Birth & 2 x 7"
2011 Euro tour & full length LP/CD
2012 Euro tour, US tour & a 7"
2013 New Singer, UK Tour
2014 New full length
2015 Euro Tour & new music

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Track Name: Man's Best Friend
who's to know what part to play
in this world wide tragedy
you've seen the package, know what's inside
morale and ethics boiled alive

who deserves your sympathy?
who's the taste in your mouth?
with full stomach you climbed in bed
and cried for bambi's death

who deserves your sympathy?
who's the taste in your mouth?
while brutality and sickness arise
fast food nightmare collects the price

mass producted executions, alright?!
plastic caskets on assembly line
best before dates are all being expired
while all this cruelty gets justified
by tradition
Track Name: Start Again
there's violence in your eyes when you tell me about your life
there's guilt in your tone when you talk about your home
you live a life of a convict yet you've never done any time
you only see right and wrong the way they've been taught
to you

you are waiting for someone to save you
but your release is in your own hands
denial won't heal you from this one
so pack your bags and walk away

there's silence in your mind when you're searching a way out
frustration will rise its head on your way to the unknown

years of abuse takes its toll
your suffering will make you fall
into the void

make an attempt to start again
only this time you won't have to bend
like you used to
Track Name: Gray
there's no real alternative
facing another dead end street
dying to find some space to breath

iron claws killing dreams
for sterile perfection and elites greed
is another parkinglot what we need?

self-expression minimized
creativity criminalized
our whole life materialized
leaders motives uncritisized

but we won't fit the mold
ideals won't be sold
stop doing as you're told
no we won't fit the mold
ideals can't be sold
like silver and gold

...and all we ever wanted were colours in this grey reality

reaching out for alternatives
painting colours in grey concrete
liberating forgotten need
of freedom